Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thriving in the Holidays

This is my last post for 2011. Thanks to all who have stayed in touch with my blog. I trust that you received what you needed from it. After a short break over the Holidays I will write again. My first opportunity in 2012 is a teleclass on change that I am leading in conjunction with Brian Johnson's En Theos Academy for Optimal Living. All are welcome to join the class, which is using some cutting edge technology to create a truly interactive experience. Read more about the course here.
Most likely your attention is now focused on the Holidays, time with family and your own journey through Christmas. My writing this week has focused on these things. Take what is meaningful from the following-
1. An inclusive spiritual perspective on Christmas, read more here.
2. Four Agreements to help prepare for an awesome Holiday season. Read more here
3. Inspired by the Christmas story. But which story? Four Christmases, read more here. 
Above you are the stars. Beneath you is the earth. Within you is the light of life. Like the stars may your vision be clear. Like the earth, may your life be grounded. Like the light within, may your spirit shine.
Much love and gratitude, Ian.