Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Beginnings

Last week I wrote about ending well. This week I wrote four articles about beginning well.

The first piece was about the opportunity for renewed authenticity in beginnings.
The second was about using nervous energy to your advantage.
The third was about the excitement of joining change at the ground floor.
The fourth was about setting the tone for your life by putting your best foot forward.

Below is an extract from part 4. Please follow the links above to read them in order.

New beginnings are a privilege, and not to be taken for granted. The opportunity to start over, start new, rewrite the script, build something from the ground up, set the tone for an intention, are all part of the forgiving nature of the universe. Second, third and seven hundredth chances are built into the nature of life. When you truly believe that, you can set about living on purpose and without regrets. You are not alive at this time in history with your unique blend of experience and skill by accident. You are not reading this article at this time in your life by accident. There are things that you still need to express and manifest in the world, and your next thoughts, words and actions will set the tone for the rest of your life and help to create the future for all. Your kindred spirits are others who believe in second chances and fresh starts, and live their lives putting their best foot forward. Imagine the love revolution if more of us lived this way.