Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things About Me

At first I was skeptical about doing the 25 things about me exercise. I couldnt believe that it would be of interest to anyone. When I started, I found it quite therapeutic to reflect on my life. It turned out to be a great experience. I recommend it. Anyway, here goes-

25 Things About Me

1. I had a baby sister named Heather who died at 4 days old. I never met her, but still feel that she is part of my life.
2. My first friends in primary (elementary) school were the future criminals of inner Sydney. My best friend broke into classrooms on weekends to vandalize and start fires.
3. I won a Storm Boy look-a-like competition when I was 8. Now I constantly get told I look like Dennis Quaid.
4. I went to the most elite school in Sydney….and flunked miserably. Repeated my HSC (SATs) at a community college and never looked back
5. I began reading the paper (sports only) on the throne when I was 10. Never missed a day since, except now its Oprah.
6. I sang the “Messiah” in the Sydney Opera House. Great experience, luckily my sound was overshadowed by the massive size of the choir.
7. I played Rugby on the Sydney Cricket Ground- a “curtain raiser” for an international match. Played the whole second half with concussion. Ah, good memories (well hazy memories)!
8. One of my teenage hobbies was second hand record collecting. I was the only kid I knew who liked (or had even heard of) “Deck Chairs Overboard” “Pel Mel” and “Bow Wow Wow”.
9. The first album I bought was “Scorcher”- the songs were listed in a bare woman’s belly. Included Brian Ferry and Bee Gees.
10. I went through a Ska stage in my late teens, thought “fatty buster blood vessel” was pretty cool. It lasted a few months, but I never wore boots and braces. It was just about the music.
11. When Henry Blake died on MASH, I cried inconsolably for an hour.
12. My first job was selling cigarettes. Despite never being a smoker, I know my Gauloise from a Gudan Garam
13. I once tried to evangelize a stranger in a park. Turned out he was a theology professor toying with me. Never acted so arrogantly again. ( I hope)
14. I’m a sucker for an emotional altar call. Got converted every time Billy Graham came to Sydney. Thankfully, it didn’t take.
15. I was too shy to make a move on a girl til I was 17, despite having 3 older sisters.
16. Meg stood me up on our first date. I’m still trying to recover.
17. I was present when a crazed protestor tried to kill Prince Charles....with a starter pistol.
18. One of my favorite things about being in Auckland was my little Vespa. I was described in a local paper as “quicker Vicar”, which is ironic considering that the Vespa went the same speed as a ride-on mower. I once wore church robes on the Vespa, only way I could get them to a wedding without major creasing.
19. I lived next door to The Thomson Twins in Auckland
20. I can be obsessive about things, and like my routines
21. I’m hopelessly optimistic.
22. I like my alone time.
23. I wear American flag boxers to bed, partly cause they're comfy, partly because the irony makes me smile.
24. I’m a passionate believer in people and life. I believe that all I need for a full and extraordinary life resides within me. I’m suspicious of any system (religious or otherwise) that claims that something from outside of me can bring me meaning, satisfaction or salvation.
26. I hate being given arbitrary limitations.


Anonymous said...

Your words are very flowery but you have no content. You are not a theologian. Theologians come from the greats and aspire for more. You aspire to be of all faiths and of all creeds. Seek an identity and stick with it. Be a true leader. Form a true identity. Find a faith you believe in. Whether it is Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. Just form a real identity and allow people to follow you from that example. Jesus said "Feed my Sheep." How are you feeding people with pretty words with no foundations under them? We are all seekers mind you, but to be a teacher you must have a firm grasp of your beliefs. I have never been influenced by anyone who did not stand up for their beliefs. My greatest hero, though I disagree with him on many things, is a traditional catholic priest... I would follow him to the ends of the earth. Form an identity so people know who they follow. Be a Christian. Be a Muslim. Just be something. If you are unsure of your faith, who else will be sure of theirs?

Alicia Grennan Stewart said...

I feel totally the opposite of what you proclaim. Ian is an amazing spiritual leader. He understands that we are all connected.His beliefs are clear. He espouses well defined values. Whether we are Christian, Muslim or Buddhist doesn't matter. We are all in this world together.It's time to see our similarities, not our differences. It's time to love each other. It's time to take a stand against social injustice. Ian Is something. He is a leader that inspires hundreds of us every week.Ian is love, light and action. Never anonymous, Alicia Grennan Stewart

Joe G. said...

I like the reference to Pel Mel (and I liked the song). I was less aware of the Australian punk/new wave/post-punk scene, then and now. One of my favorite bands originally came from that part of the world: Dead Can Dance.

Ian Lawton said...

Hi Jo- yes, i remember Dead Can Dance. They seem to have done well in the US- got some film credits to their name