Thursday, March 1, 2012

I wrote this week about living without defensiveness. There are four pieces to look over, summarized below.

1. The first was a response to the Oscars, and The Help in particular. Beat the cycle of defensiveness by not buying into other people’ drama. Click here to read more.

2. The second was a more pointed critique of institutional religion. As Bill Maher said, "Religion is dangerous; it allows human beings who don't have all the answers to think they do." Click here to read more. 
3. This is a piece I found online, and couldnt find an author so I adjusted it a little. Its an inspiring piece about the symptoms of living with spiritual freedom. It includes frequent attacks of joy and random bursts of laughter. Click here to read more.

4. Using the old kid's story Grandpa's Slippers, I wrote about letting go and moving on. Read more here.

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Make it an awesome and empowered week.

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