Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Spirituality

Something spring-like is stirring in the soul of the world. Something too powerful to ignore is awakening within many of us like spring buds. The lingering sun, the shifting shadows, the smell of soil; the emerging spirit within us is stretching and reaching for new adventures.

The calling of my ministry has long been to bring the power of the here and now into the church; to bridge the Sunday/ Monday gap and talk about real life issues in relevant language. Now I find my energies shifting subtly, to direct people to their own spiritual awakening wherever they are in the here and now.

This will be spiritual community unlike anything the world has seen before; connecting across ideological and geographic boundaries, forming profound partnerships and giving a legitimate voice to the millions of spiritual but not religious folk in the world.

Religion is still important for many, and I affirm religion that fosters healing in the world. That will continue and I’m glad for it. However many people now look outside of religion to have their spirits nurtured.

The message will be the same; one global community coming together around life affirming shared values, using religious language where it helps to affirm the wonder and beauty of human existence.

Many of you have traveled with me for 5 or 6 years now, from one hemisphere to another. We have laughed, cried and wrestled together with issues and possibilities. I am incredibly grateful for you and what you have added to my life with your comments and questions, stories and inspirations. Our online community has grown in number and spirit, as we have engaged the issues of the day. You have affirmed my teaching, encouraged my best, and accepted my unfolding journey.

Now we move into a new phase in our collective evolution. Its newness will bring incredible opportunities for even more authentic expression. Things are about to get very interesting! You will not want to miss a moment of the next season of this spiritual journey.

Will you answer the call to awaken and live with freedom and passion? Spring beckons, the horizon entices. This powerful vision is calling for your best humanity.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe this journey includes me anymore. after being a member of christ community for 15 years, I'm lost and heartbroken. I don't believe there is any kindness, compassion or love in your statements that 'religion is a crutch...a dogmatic lair of self limiting beliefs...for the self righteous.' I don't feel tolerance or acceptance for my religious beliefs anymore from this ministry and I'm even afraid to leave my name. I don't know the new people who have brought dramatic influences into this church, but I don't sense the highest motives are involved. this country was founded on religious tolerance, which is where peace and justice are found. I just want to leave and not be part of this unnecessary drama any more, but I can't without feeling an obligation to speak up for true kindness, compassion and justice. expressing contempt for religion is not the answer for those who are truly broken, struggling and homeless in our community. smugness and self righteousness are never the answers. judgment of and condemnation of others for the things they hold most sacred through broad characterizations and over generalizations creates hurt and fear. for some people not as fortunate as many of this community, religion is still the only thing that gets them through each day, despite its obvious flaws. I have to take a stand for these people and their right to practice religion without condemnation, even if its oppressive or I don't agree with them.

zapmama27 said...


My heart aches for you and I want you to know that even though you may be anonymous to the congregation of C3, you are not anonymous to The Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ. You are broken because you have been led away from the Lord, but the Lord will restore you to him. This is the true beginning of something better.The Lord has plans to prosper you (although the prosperity i speak of is not material wealth, it is knowing HIM)He is a healer, restorer, redeemer. Thank Christ for opening your eyes and lighting your path away from the falsehoods of C3. If you need a church or a group of believers, real believers, the ones who actually believe Jesus Christ is the Lord wrapped in flesh who came to walk with us and die for our sins, please give me a call, I know many church bodies who embrace the weak and broken in the Lakeshore Community. I can be reached at 616-566-5022, ask for Jen Zins.

"'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.' ...

I used to think to follow Jesus was like using a crutch, I've heard that argument so many times, but then I realized it's true. I need more than a crutch here, I need the full on Jesus EMT squad to lift me up. There is freedom in recognizing and confessing our current condition, we all need the Lord, whether we admit it or not.